Picture of 3D DLP Printer **KIT** (Discontinued)

3D DLP Printer **KIT** (Discontinued)

Sedgwick 3D DLP Printer kit


This is a kit.

Resolution: 0.1mm-0.08mm for the x and y. 0.1mm layer height for the z


  • Laser cut Berch wood frame.
  • Custom electronics based on the Arduino
  • Small vat (build area is 75mm x 75mm x 50mm deep)
  • Medium vat (build area is 75mm x 75mm x 120mm deep)
  • 1L of 3D Ink brand UV cured acrylic resin.
  • Aluminum build platform.
  • FlashPoint™ printing software.

Does not include the Acer projector.

You will need to buy the Acer X1240 1024x768 2700 Lumen DLP Projector

**Lead time 2 to 3 weeks**

Check out some of the prints on Thingiverse.com by going to http://www.thingiverse.com/Sedgwick/made


Picture of Printer Kit
Printer Kit
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